Transition Edit

You can add a transition between clips.
Select the clip you want to add a transition on, then click the [Transition Edit] button.

This function cannot be used while in the [Digital Content Protection Mode].

Transition Edit
Select the clip to add a transition on.
When adding a transition effect to the last clip of the clip list, the transition effect transitions to "black".

Transition Settings
This is where you select the transition type.
  You can also select a transition according to a Category or Tag list by clicking the button.

Sets the transition effect's active duration.
If the transition effect's duration is longer than the clip, the effect encompasses several clips.

Displays a sample of the selected transition.

    Edit Menu    
Apply Above Settings to All Clips
Remove Transitions From All Clips
- Apply Above Settings to All Clips
Applies the selected transition type to all of the clips within the clip list.
- Remove Transitions From All Clips
Set all the clips' transitions to "None".


By launching the preview playback, you can verify the set transition effect.

You can change the display size, etc. in the preview display's right-click menu.

Preview Display size
Display Original Aspect Ratio
Display Corrected Aspect Ratio
Display Deinterlace Mode During Playback
Background Color for Preview...

Preview Settings
Right-Click Menu on the Preview Area
For more details about the right-click menu, please refer to the linked page above.

When verifying the transition in the preview, some transition types require higher specifications. Frames may drop or playback can slow down on low spec computers but there will be no affect to the outputted video.

The selected transition effect is displayed on the clip in the clip list.

Transition and output mode
If, upon setting transitions, you select the [Individual Clips (in File Output Format)] or [One Clip per Program (in BDAV Authoring Format)], the transitions set between the clips are not applied, and the output occurs without any transition.