Video Settings (Track settings)

Sets the track/first track's video settings.

Output Mode:
Allows you to set the priority between Smart rendering or compressing the video with the manual output settings.
- Automatic (Smart Rendering Prioritized)
Sets the track to Smart rendering mode to automatically encode as little as possible depending on imported clip's properties.
* When this option is enabled, the following settings will be set automatically and are unselectable.
- Encode All Video Streams as Below
Allows you to access the manual settings.
When selected, you can customize all settings.
Re-encodes all the clips' audio according to the settings below.
* Usable options and values are different depending on the output mode.

Stream Format:
Allows you to select any of the standard compliant streams such as MPEG-1/2, H.264/AVC, etc.

Profile and Level:
When the stream format is MPEG-1/2, you can choose between MP@ML or MP@HL (Blu-ray only). When the stream is in H.264/AVC format, Main@Level and High@Level options are available.

Specifies the current track's video resolution.
When in full rendering mode, all standard compliant resolutions are available.

Aspect Ratio:
Specifies the current track's video aspect ratio.
Specifies 16:9 when importing a 16:9 source.

Frame Rate:
Specifies and displays the current track's video framerate.

Scan Type:
Specifies between Interlace, Progressive, and Playback 3:2 pulldown (when the framerate is 23.976 fps) modes.
When setting the progressive mode in full rendering, clips in interlace mode are re-encoded in progressive mode. (Conversely, in interlace mode setting, clips in progressive mode are re-encoded in interlace mode.)
* Hardware encoding is not available when selecting the playback 3:2 pulldown mode.

Field Order:
This setting is available when the output video mode is interlace. It is possible to match the output with the source materials' field order. Most player devices use the Top field first order, but this may change depending on the device. Match this setting with the playback environment.

Entropy Coding:
Specifies the coding method for encoding.
This setting is available when the output format is AVCHD or Blu-ray BDMV and the stream format is H.264/AVC.
Compared to CABAC, CALVC requires less calculations and provides faster encoding but poor compression efficiency.
Because it encodes many different data for the entire picture, it requires a lot of time for both encoding and decoding, but allows higher compression efficiency. This mode is usable with decoders that support Profiles higher than Main.

Rate Control Mode:
- 1 Pass VBR
Automatically allocates a high bitrate when the scene action is intense, and a low bitrate when the scene action is reduced.
The [Maximum Bitrate] specifies the maximum value, while [Bitrate] specifies the average value.
Analyzes the picture and processes it while keeping its quality to the specified level.
* This setting is available when H.264/AVC is set as the Stream Format.
- 2 Pass VBR
Automatically allocates a high bitrate when the scene action is intense, and a low bitrate when the scene action is reduced.
The [Maximum Bitrate] specifies the maximum value, while [Bitrate] specifies the average value.
In the 2 pass process, the first pass analyzes the entire video data, and the second pass allocates the bitrate. Because this is a two-pass process it requires more time to complete, but allows an average-based bitrate allocation.
Always allocates the same bitrate. You set the bitrate in the [Bitrate] field.

  • Available values depend on the settings.
  • The [2 pass VBR] mode is not available when in the Smart Rendering Prioritized mode.
  • When selecting the [2 Pass VBR] mode, it becomes 1 Pass VBR when using the hardware encoder.
  • The transcoder function is not available when the CBR mode is selected because of the fixed bitrate.

Maximum Bitrate:
Sets the maximum bitrate (when in VBR full encoding mode).
The maximum value changes depending on the audio and subtitles bitrate.

Sets the average bitrate.
When the [Automatic (Smart Rendering Prioritized)] with [1 Pass VBR] is selected, this bitrate setting applies to the full encoding range.

Minimum Bitrate:
Displays the minimum bitrate. This value cannot be modified.

Even if you prioritize a non-standard encoder, some settings that are not usable depending on each encoder's characteristics are used through the standard encoder.

Encoder Performance/Other Settings

Provides other settings depending on the selected stream format.
Automatically reflects the [Preferences] > [DVD-Video/Blu-ray(BDMV)/AVCHD Base Settings] and the [Output Performance/Other Settings]. If you want to change the settings for the current track, modify the setting here.
* Usable options are different depending on the output mode.

[Preferences] > [DVD-Video Base Settings]
[Preferences] > [Blu-ray(BDMV) Base Settings]
[Preferences] > [AVCHD Base Settings]